Stylus Pro 7450 and Stylus Pro 9450 - How do I update the printer firmware in order to use Photo Black ink?


  • Updating the firmware of the printer to convert it to use Photo Black ink.
  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista.
  • Stylus Pro 7450, Stylus Pro 9450.


You can convert the non-film (Matte Black) versions of the Stylus Pro 7450 or Stylus Pro 9450 printers to work with Photo Black ink instead. This article explains how to achieve this by updating the printer's firmware.

  1. Preparations and precautions


      Once the unit is converted to Photo Black from Matte Black, it will no longer work with the Epson driver. You will need to obtain a supporting RIP to use the printer thereafter.


      The firmware procedure must be followed exactly, otherwise you may corrupt the firmware update and seriously damage your product.  Do not use this update for any purpose other than as stated.

      • Neither EPSON nor its affiliates will take any responsibility for any damages that result from a firmware update. Your use of this document and any related firmware file(s) is at your own risk. Any resulting repair will NOT be covered by your warranty.

      You may need to install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2. Click here to download and install it.

      If you require further support on carrying out the firmware update, contact Epson.

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  2. Procedure

    1. The printer must be off.  Connect the power cord to the printer:

      Connect the power cord

    2. Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable:

      Connect via USB

    3. Power the printer on while pressing and holding the four arrow buttons:

      Power on holding the 4 arrow buttons

    4. The LCD panel should display "UPDATE FIRMWARE":

      Check the LCD display

    5. Download and Save the compressed file, which you can obtain here.

    6. Browse to the downloaded file

      Download the update

    7. Right-click on and left-click Extract All:

      Right-click the file

    8. Click the Extract button:

      Extract the files

    9. Located the extracted FW-Update folder. Double-click LFPUpdate.exe:

      Open LFPUdate.exe

    10. Confirm that the correct printer name appears, and then click on the Upgrade Firmware button:

      Click on Upgrade Firmware

    11. The LCD panel should display "UPDATING FIRMWARE":

      Check the LCD display

    12. Wait for around 1-3 minutes while the printer processes the update.

    13. When the firmware upgrade has completed successfully, the LCD panel will display "FIRMWARE UPDATE COMPLETE" and the printer will restart automatically:

      The printer should restart

    14. After restarting, the LCD panel should display "READY":

      Check the LCD display

    15. Close the software LFPUpdate.exe:

      Close LFPUdate.exe

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  3. Verification (optional)

    1. The LCD panel displays READY:

      Check the LCD display

    2. Go into the printer MENU:

      Access the printer menu

    3. Scroll down to PRINTER STATUS:

      Scroll to Printer Status

    4. Select PRINTER STATUS:

      Select Printer Status

    5. Select VERSION and verify that TW0097B (Stylus Pro 9450) or TN0097B (Stylus Pro 7450) is displayed:

      Select Version and check the LCD display

    6. Press the Pause button and the LCD panel displays READY:

      Press Pause

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